48 hours after the announcement

48 hours after the announcement

We did it! We announced Life Pictures! Achievement unlocked!

Talin, our game director, wrote an analysis of the numbers from all the channels where we posted materials about the game, 48 hours after the announcement. You can read about it in detail on his blog here.

To sum it up, we had:

We don't know if it's good or bad, but we're happy enough with those numbers. The journey is just beginning and we're hopping you'll tag along with us!

What is Life Pictures?

What is Life Pictures?

An emotional experience about love and meaning.

But what does that mean?
Life Pictures is a narrative driven game. Or as we affectionately call it, a walking simulator. The objective in Life Pictures isn't to kill all the enemies or collect all the coins, but to uncover a story, to understand the finer details, to feel, to ponder, to relax and to let yourself be immersed in a small but beautiful world.

So all I do is walk around?
While we value immersion, taking it slow and breathing it in, that is not all you'll do in Life Pictures. Since the entire game revolves around the concept of pictures and the memories they store, a major component of the game is your photo camera. And we're investing a lot of time in making an awesome camera for you to play with and take amazing photos.

How is the camera involved in the gameplay?
Besides being a great fit for the innate photographer in you, the camera is a vital part of how you interact with the game. Taking and keeping a picture will allow you to advance to a different memory of your life. Using the camera on relevant objects in the game will give you more insight into the story, making it key to understanding how everything connects.

What's the story about?
Imagine one day you will not be able to remember your life very well. But, like we all do, you took a lot of pictures during the years. And each of them triggers a vague memory. What if you could relive that snapshot of time? Could you piece together what your life was? What if you don't like what you remember? Would you want the truth or a rewritten version that fits better with the person you are now?

Where does love fit in all that?
For us, love is the most important feeling one can experience in life. So the story focuses mainly on the relationships you've had, or more specifically on key moments in those relationships. Every time you meet someone, life is all butterflies and rays of sunshine. But at some point things start to go from good to bad to worse. Not all relationships endure, but when you can't remember which came first and which came last, do you suffer for all of them equally? Or do you realize which mattered to you the most? If you could change their order, would the memories of your life be better or worse?

Sounds philosophical, what else?
Well, we like to fancy ourselves as some sort of amateur philosophers. To that extent, we like to think a lot about the meaning of life. Is there a purpose to it all? We want to ask you that question. Do you believe in something? If you're like most people, you have a set of values, sure, but do you actually live your life according to them? And if one day you'd look back and realize that you didn't, what would you do? Wouldn't you be tempted to lie to yourself and rewrite your memories so that you can find some sort of inner peace?

Ok, ok, enough philosophy, tell me more about the game!
Life Pictures takes place in a beautiful location, which is most likely a blend of your imagination and memories. It takes you through a period of 15 years of your life, but with your choices you decide what you actually remember: the 3 relationships you've had, just one or two of them or the time when you were alone. You write your life based on these choices.

What happens after the 15 years?
First, we have to mention that we are big fans of the movie Groundhog Day. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when we say: you get to live it all again. Making different choices, discovering new details and thus adding more pieces to the puzzle that is your true life. And no, this time you don't have to get the girl to break the cycle. To finish the game, you'll have to discover and accept your meaning of life. Because in the end, we think it's all about acceptance and living according to your beliefs.

Won't I get bored doing the same thing over and over?
Let me ask you this: did Bill Murray's character, Phil Connors, get bored? No, he learned how to be awesome and play the piano. Sadly, we don't have a piano in the game, so to compensate we've put in a lot of story details for you to uncover and we made sure that you don't have to spend a single extra second in a memory where there is nothing left for you to discover. Of course, you don't have to find everything - you should though, it's fun - just the most important bits that will help you decide on one of the multiple endings.

Enough talk, give me some numbers!
  • 3 girls to remember
  • 33 combinations of memories
  • 3 endings
  • 3 less one hours of average playtime
  • A passion for the number 3

When and where can I play it?
You'll be able to play Life Pictures in 2016, unless some cataclysmic event happens, in which case it might get slightly delayed. We'll announce more details in the following weeks, including an actual release date and the targeted platforms. But we can let you in on a little secret now: the initial release will not be on mobile, which means...

When will you post more details?
Because we believe wholeheartedly in an honest and transparent game development process, we want you to accompany us through the journey of making Life Pictures. So we make a solemn promise to keep you up to date with what we're up to, the problems we encounter and the solutions we find. We'll post something new at least once every single week, be it new info, an article about our experience, new screenshots, trailers or whatever else we'll think you'd enjoy.

Good luck!
Thank you, kind human*! Since you got this far, either we caught your interest, in which case we really hope you can also let your friends know about Life Pictures, or you're a really good scroller, so we challenge you to also be a good clicker and hit any of the share buttons below!

* If you're a sentient AI trying to destroy humankind, you should first wait to play Life Pictures to understand what you're actually destroying! Humans are nice, they have feelings and stuff!