Release details

Release details

The date
When we announced Life Pictures and several times since then we stated we're pushing for a release in the later part of this year. Unfortunately, the time has come to reassess the amount of work and polish that we want to put into the game and the conclusion is that, as much as we would've wanted to, we cannot release the game this year. Not with the quality we want to put in it. And to release it with a lower quality is not even a possibility for us.

So, when are you going to be able to play Life Pictures? In the first quarter of 2017. We know, it's not a very narrow time frame, but we'll do our best to finish it as fast as possible without compromising quality.

Remaining work
With having finished to write the story, we now have to start the recording sessions. The journal has more than 6000 words and our plan is to have it all fully narrated, leading to about 40 minutes of narration. It will take some time and some takes to get them all right.

We also have some few mechanics to implement, like piecing together the pieces of papers you collect from the memory glimpses and unlocking entries in the journal through taking pictures. And on the art side we have some assets and effects to add in the game, as well as going over everything again for a final polish pass.

And, after the above are finished, we'll go into full bug solving mode, preparing the game for the final release and making sure the platform specifics work correctly, including achievements, cloud saving, controller support and Steam trading cards.

The price
In the end we'll have a 2-3 hours long game that takes place in a cabin and the forest surrounding it and that explores the memories of an old man related to the 3 women he loved in his life. No monsters, no aliens, no conspiracies, just a simple and beautiful life story about love and meaning. And, of course, you'll be able to take pictures of everything you can see using your in-game camera.

What will this experience cost you? We don't want to overprice our game, so it will definitely be under 10$. By how much exactly we'll let you know closer to the release date, when we'll also detail the release discount and its duration and any sales we'll plan for the first year of the game's life, so you'll know exactly when it's best for you to buy it.

In closing, since we're fully focusing on finishing the game in the coming months and since a lot of the details about the game have already been disclosed, we don't know how often we'll release updates on the game. We'll still post new screenshots and articles as new info becomes relevant, but we don't know if we'll be able to do that every week until release. Our priority from now on is finishing the game as we envisioned it and getting it in your hands as fast as we can!